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Suresmile and Digital Smile Design

Excellence in functional and aesthetic dentistry will never achieved by accident. Rather, you need a systematic approach to diagnosis, communication, treatment planning, deployment and case review. Suresmile is a technology which combines advanced 3D imaging and visualisation with robotically engineered orthodontic archwires, to enable your orthodontist to digitally design your smile. It allows us to be more precise and move your teeth to their final position via a more direct route.

As Suresmile is focussed on the archwire (and not the bracket), we use Suresmile in conjunction with traditional metal braces and clear braces. It’s changing the game for conventional orthodontics – and we’re pretty excited about it!

How does Suresmile work?

Step 1 –3D Digital Model
We create a 3D digital model of your teeth and bite using advanced imaging technology to scan your teeth. We use our TRIOS intra-oral scanner to take this scan and upload it into the Suresmile software.

Step 2 – Virtual Simulations
With your 3D model, Dr Siva can now see how your teeth fit together from any angle. The Suresmile Treatment Planning Software provides virtual simulations that allows Dr Siva to determine the final position of your teeth and the most effective treatment plan for your unique circumstances.

Step 3 – Robotically Bent Archwires
Once your treatment plan is finalised, Suresmile robots bend a shape-memory alloy archwire according to Dr Siva’s exact prescription. This wire is designed to deliver gentle forces consistently and directly to the desired finishing position.

Why are we so excited by Suresmile?

It’s more precise
With Suresmile, Dr Siva can design your smile with greater precision than with conventional orthodontic techniques. Instead of manually bending wires to move each tooth one-by-one, Suresmile uses 3D technology to move your teeth more efficiently and more directly to the proper place.

Wires are robotically bent to Dr Siva’s exact specifications. These “smart” archwires permanently retain the individual prescription and are activated by your body heat.

You spend less time in treatment
Suresmile archwires don’t move teeth any faster than conventional archwires. Your overall treatment is shorter because one Suresmile wire, with its many bends, can produce the same amount of movement as several traditional archwires combined. There is less room for human error and your teeth move to their final position in a more direct route.

Suresmile has been shown to reduce treatment times by 30% or more, with an average saving of 8 months. For example, treatment estimated to take two years with conventional orthodontics might take only 12 to 15 months using Suresmile.

It’s backed by independent research
An independent study published in the World Journal of Orthodontics found that patients treated with Suresmile experienced overall reduced treatment time and a better quality outcome than those treated conventionally.

This precision delivers a higher quality orthodontic result. For you, that means a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth — in less time than using conventional braces alone.

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"Average treatment time is 34% faster with Suresmile®."