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Clear Braces

Many people still think of braces as being the traditional metal type. Ceramic or clear braces are just as effective as metal braces but blend in with your teeth so they’re barely noticeable.

Clear braces are a great option when you want an aesthetic orthodontic option but you’re not a suitable candidate for clear aligners or you need something more affordable than hidden braces.

We use Empower Clear Braces, an advanced ceramic bracket system that combines two of the industry’s leading trends – clear cosmetic appliances and self ligation.

The self ligating technology of Empower uses integrated clips to hold your archwire in place instead of rubber bands (ligatures) that tend to stair and wear down over time. These small clips allow us to make quicker wire adjustments and deliver the rewarding experience you deserve on the path to a beautiful smile.

The benefits of Empower Clear Braces include:

Blends beautifully with your teeth

Empower Clear Braces are made of strong ceramic material that looks great on your teeth.

Quicker, easier wire adjustments

State-of-the-art self ligating clips eliminate the need for rubber bands (ligatures) to hold your archwire in place, allowing us to make quicker wire adjustments. This could mean shorter appointments and may even reduce the number of visits required during treatment.

More comfortable inside your mouth

The contoured edges and sculpted, low profile of Empower Clear Braces mean a smoother surface against your cheek and lips.

No staining

Self ligating clips eliminate plastic ligatures, which are prone to discolouration and fatigue over time. This, combined with the extremely stable ceramic bracket body material reduces the risk of staining. Your Empower Clear Braces will stay beautiful throughout your treatment.

Clear braces combine beauty and finesse with performance and precision.

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"You’ll be noticed. Your braces won’t."