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The final step in your orthodontic treatment program will be wearing both fixed and removable retainers. Teeth have a natural tendency to shift back into their original place once braces are removed so we take important steps to safeguard your smile.

We place a bonded lingual wire (a fixed retainer) on the back of your teeth to assist in keeping them aligned. These wires are hidden from view and are permanently attached to your teeth. The bonded lingual wire should fit seamlessly into the back of your teeth and once you become accustomed to this device you should not notice them. A bonded lingual wire can be worn indefinitely and will assist in retaining your orthodontic result.

You will also receive clear removable retainers that are custom-designed to fit comfortably in your mouth. It is very important that you wear your removable retainers at all times other than when you are eating. Patients who don’t wear their retainers run the risk that their teeth revert towards their original position and/or spaces may open up between the teeth. The early days and weeks are most important for the wearing of retainers to preserve your orthodontic result. We recommend our patients wear their removable retainers for 12 months post treatment.

For your removable retainers to be most effective, you should:

Please contact our office immediately if you lose or damage your retainers. Going too long without wearing retainers can result in unwanted movement in your teeth.

"We want your beautiful smile to last a lifetime."