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Your First Visit

The most important aspect of orthodontic treatment program begins at your first consultation.

To ensure we have all the necessary information at our fingertips, we ask you to complete an online questionnaire in advance of your first appointment. This document captures your prerequisite medical and dental information and allows you to highlight your concerns and objectives for your orthodontic treatment program. You can complete your questionnaire at home on a computer or an iPad and your responses are securely submitted into our system. By the time you arrive for your appointment, we’re already up to speed with your unique circumstances.

To create the most effective treatment plan possible for you, we start with a digital panoramic radiograph. We have the latest radiology and digital imaging facilities onsite so the process is smooth and efficient. If you’ve had a panoramic radiograph (sometimes referred to as an OPG) taken in the last 6 months, please email it to us at in advance of your appointment.

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If treatment is required, we will take further diagnostic records including photographs, a lateral cephalometric radiograph and impressions for digital study models. These important records allow us to develop your customised treatment plan and orthodontic appliances. For our younger patients who are awaiting treatment, we may obtain some of these as baseline records to monitor your growth and development while we wait for the optimal time to start treatment.

After careful evaluation of your records, we present our diagnostic findings and discuss your treatment options with their associated benefits, risks and limitations. Dr Siva will prepare a comprehensive written report of his recommendations with a detailed treatment plan outlining the preferred approach to address your individual needs.

We encourage you to ask plenty of questions so you have a clear understanding of your specific orthodontic needs. Don’t worry, no question is too strange, no concern too trivial. We take the time to listen to your needs, allay any concerns and develop a customised solution to deliver you the most effective results.

We find that through in-depth planning and a tailored approach to treatment, we don’t just create beautiful smiles, we give our patients good reason to use them.

"Our initial consultation is comprehensive and detailed – combining high-tech records with specialist knowledge."