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Cutting Edge Technology

We are proud to deliver exceptional orthodontic care using state-of-the-art technology. Sophisticated equipment helps us more effectively diagnose orthodontic issues, understand your treatment needs better and deliver a customised treatment program for your unique circumstances.



We want to provide you the very best treatment outcome in the most biologically efficient way possible. Suresmile is redefining how orthodontic treatment is delivered, and has modernised orthodontics in Perth.

Instead of manually bending an archwire by hand at every visit, Dr Siva uses advanced 3D imaging, digital smile design, virtual simulations on a CAD-CAM platform, and robotically engineered archwires to customise your orthodontic treatment. When the Suresmile wire is inserted into your brackets, each tooth moves in a more direct route to the prescribed position. Your teeth not only move faster with Suresmile – they move with a level of precision that was previously not possible.

Suresmile has been shown to reduce treatment times by more than 30%, saving an average of 8 months in treatment.

Intra-oral Scanning

4bOur 3Shape TRIOS scanners work by capturing thousands of  digital video images of your teeth to recreate a 3D representation of your dentition in real-time. You can literally see the 3D images of your teeth forming on the screen before your eyes. The process is quick and convenient for patients, with no mess or discomfort from messy impression materials. Furthermore, it is much more gentler for children.

Dr Siva was one of the first orthodontists to utilize intra-oral scanning technology, and conducted a randomized clinical trial in Boston over 10 years ago with a prototype of the 3M Lava True Definition scanner.

The end result is a superior quality digital study model which we can use in our comprehensive treatment planning process. We can view your digital impressions onscreen from any angle and at any magnification to fully assess your clinical care requirements. We also use these digital models to custom-design appliances for patients choosing InvisalignSuresmile and Incognito Hidden Braces.

3D Facial Mapping

4c3D facial mapping is the latest in craniofacial surface imaging. We use the latest in 3D photography system technology, which incorporates tightly synchronised digital cameras to record images of the face from multiple angles and a sophisticated active stereo photogrammetry technique to reconstruct a 3D digital image of your face.

Our 3D camera from 3dMD captures a high res, 180 degree image from ear to ear in 1.5 milliseconds – minimising motion distortion and making it ideal for our younger patients who find it hard to sit still.

Dr Siva and his colleagues at Harvard University have applied this cutting edge technology for the simulation of clinical treatment plans for complex craniofacial case and the evaluation of surgical outcomes: Harvard University / Boston Children’s Hospital Cleft Surgery Research

Digital Radiology

4dWe use a highly sophisticated digital radiology system which minimises radiation exposure for our patients. Our radiology machine was designed specifically for orthodontic treatment and automatically adjusts for each patient to obtain accurate images every time. The digital radiograph can be viewed immediately and downloaded directly into our imaging software.

Our digital radiology system is conveniently located on-site at Orthodontics on St Quentin and Orthodontics on Berrigan, which means you don’t need to travel to a third party radiology clinic to obtain your images. We can even email a copy of your images to your dentist.

"The age of digital orthodontics is here."