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Appointment Scheduling

Our approach

Orthodontic appliances require regular adjustment and monitoring for treatment to proceed as planned. Many of our office visits will inevitably conflict with work or school. In order to balance the need for regular appointments with the need to minimise missed school or work hours, we have designed our office schedule to accomplish the following:

  • We would like to see our Patients at the time of his or her appointment. Your time is valuable – it should not be wasted sitting in our reception area.
  • We want to have enough time at each appointment to do the necessary adjustments, plan the next visit, discuss treatment progress and answer your questions.
Frequently requested appointment times

Orthodontic treatment progresses in stages. Sometimes, all that is needed is a minor adjustment, requiring a relatively short appointment. At other times, more significant procedures are planned, requiring a longer appointment.

The most frequently requested appointment times are after school and early morning appointments. In order to accommodate as many patients as possible, these premium times are reserved for short appointments whilst longer visits (eg. for the insertion of appliances) are scheduled during the middle of the day. One consequence of a schedule structured in this way is that our clinic is quieter in the middle of the day and busier in the early morning and late afternoon.

This policy results in minimum inconvenience to those patients in active treatment and we thank you in advance for respecting the way our schedule is structured.

Arriving at appointments on time

As our schedule is carefully crafted, arriving late or missing your appointment can pose a problem. In fairness to other scheduled patients we will not jam a late arrival into our schedule. We will probably have to re-schedule your appointment unless there is an opening that we had not expected.

Please endeavour to reschedule any missed or late appointments as soon as possible. Since the after school appointments are scheduled several weeks in advance, it may be necessary to reschedule your missed appointment during the middle of the day. Please remember that the success of your orthodontic treatment depends heavily on you keeping your appointments. If you regularly miss or reschedule appointments, your treatment time and progress may be affected.

Rescheduling appointments

Your appointment is reserved exclusively for you. We request the courtesy of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule.

We are aware that unforeseen events sometimes require missing an appointment. However please note that you may be charged an additional fee if you miss an appointment without notifying us at least 48 hours in advance.

If you do need to reschedule your appointment, please call us as soon as possible.

If we are running late

Please accept our sincerest apologies if we are running late for your appointment. We make every effort to avoid running late but not every complication can be foreseen. If we are too late for you and you have another important appointment to attend, please ask to reschedule your appointment. Alternatively please call to advise others, who are depending on you, that you have been delayed.

Loose wires, broken brackets and repairs

Please advise us of any loose wires, broken brackets, breakages or required repairs as soon as possible by emailing or by calling during business hours.

In some cases, leaving a breakage for even a short period of time can affect your overall treatment progress, as the breakage may mean your next phase of treatment may not be able to be implemented at your next appointment. By contacting us to explain what has happened, we can work out how best to resolve your issue.

Please do not come directly to the practice if you have a loose wire, broken bracket or other emergency – by calling us, you will allow us to create a time to specifically see you.

Breakages and emergencies often require additional appointment time for us to manage the issue. It is therefore not possible to squeeze these appointments in after school and it may cause unnecessary inconvenience for patients with pre-booked appointments.

Our appointment schedule generally allows us to attend to breakages and relieve discomfort from loose wires and broken brackets between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

Remember, please let us know when something is loose or broken – do not wait until your next appointment, regardless of how soon it is. Should you present for your normal appointment with an unreported breakage, it is possible that we will have to arrange another appointment to address the breakage as sufficient time will not have been allocated to attend to your repair.

Our appointment policies apply to everyone. We do not feel that we can make an exception for one particular patient. If it seems that we are being inflexible, please remember that we are trying to be fair to everyone

"Our schedule is carefully crafted to accommodate as many patients as possible in the popular ‘after school’ timeslot."