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Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a very effective and affordable method of orthodontic treatment.

We use the latest technology and treatment options in everything we do and our metal braces are no exception. We use Empower Self Ligating brackets because they are one of the most advanced bracket designs on the market.

Self ligation is one of the orthodontic industry’s leading trends. Empower Self Ligating brackets use low profile, integrated clips to hold archwires in place instead of traditional rubber bands.

Empower Self Ligating brackets make wearing braces a more positive experience:

Quicker and easier wire adjustments

State-of-the-art self ligating clips hold the archwire in place instead of rubber bands (ligatures), potentially allowing for quicker and more comfortable wire adjustments.

Strong and hygienic

Empower uses strong, heat treated chromium cobalt clips instead of traditional ligatures that are prone to discolouration, lose their effectiveness over time and require frequent replacements. Eliminating ligatures also eliminates one of the leading food traps.

Comfortable inside your mouth

Empower’s contoured edges and sculpted, low profile design mean a smoother surface against your cheeks and lips.

Effective, efficient treatment

The versatility of Empower’s design gives us more control over your treatment needs rather than a one-size fits all approach.

The advanced contoured design and sculpted edges of Empower Self Ligating Brackets mean a smoother surface against your cheeks and lips. This translates into less irritation and less plaque build-up, making it easier to keep your teeth clean.

If you would prefer something more discreet, we also have clear brackets which use the same self ligating technology. A number of our patients combine clear braces on their top teeth with metal braces on their lower teeth.

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"Our traditional braces use the latest in self-ligating technology."