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Management of Ectopic and Missing Teeth

Dr Siva delivered a keynote lecture presentation on the Management of Ectopic Teeth and Missing Teeth to the Dental Hygienists Association of WA on Friday 20 July 2018.

What is an ectopic tooth? It is a tooth that does not follow the usual course of eruption – which is another way of saying that it doesn’t come through sit nicely in line with the other teeth. As a parent you might be asking yourself the question “when will my child’s permanent teeth all come through?” But with an ectopic tooth, it may never find its way into the right spot on its own – it might need a little help from an Orthodontist or another Dental Specialist such as a Paediatric Dentist. The first permanent molars are the most common teeth to become ectopic and can result in impaction. Another tooth which is frequently ectopic and can be impacted is the upper permanent canine. This issue can be inherited,  and appear in multiple siblings. Early detection and management of ectopic teeth by an Orthodontist can assist in preventing a more complicated situation developing.

Missing teeth can also lead to a variety of orthodontic issues. The management of missing teeth isn’t as simple as closing the gap as there are a variety of factors which need to be taken into account – your smile, facial relationships, and jaw relationships are just a few to consider. Orthodontists are the experts in providing solutions to manage missing teeth in children and they will often work together with  a Prosthodontist to manage missing teeth in adults. Options to replace missing teeth include dental implants, bridges, and dentures.


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