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Are you looking for an Orthodontist in Jandakot?

Our orthodontist in Jandakot takes pride in transforming your smile using state-of-the-art technology and contemporary treatment solutions. We’re not only focussed on simply improving the appearance and functionality of your smile but enhancing your overall quality of life. We strive to instil confidence in all our patients, both children and adults alike, and set out to transform their smiles into something they’re proud of.

Choosing Orthodontics on Berrigan means having choices! We strive to be flexible and offer a number of treatment options including metal braces, clear braces, hidden braces and invisible orthodontic solutions. We also offer interest free Payment Plans so that orthodontic treatment fits within your budget.

Do I need to see an Orthodontist?

Often we can feel unhappy with our teeth but are unsure whether we need orthodontic treatment. If you struggle to brush or floss due to crowding, if your teeth are crooked, if your teeth have gaps or if your jaws just don’t seem to line up properly, we recommend you make an appointment with our Specialist Orthodontist for an evaluation and to discuss your options.


Our Jandakot orthodontic clinic is located at Suite 4, 234 Berrigan Drive, Jandakot WA 6164.

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To discuss your different treatment options and how we can tailor a solution to complement your lifestyle, contact us today. Or give us a call on  08 9414 1470, as we’re always happy to provide you with as much information as we can over the phone and schedule you an appointment to meet with our Jandakot orthodontist for a full evaluation.