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Dr Siva presents RACDS Masterclass: Fastfood Orthodontics

In recent years there has been a proliferation in orthodontic “quick fixes” or short term orthodontics.  These treatment plans often focus on simple alignment of the visible teeth without taking into account orthodontic issues with the entire dentition.

Dr Siva presented on this topic to Specialist Orthodontists and General Dental Practitioners at the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons 2016 Convocation in Hobart, Tasmania. During his Orthodontics Masterclass Dr Siva emphasised the importance of sound biomechanical principles in addressing a patient’s malocclusion and highlighted the need to distinguish between marketing “spin” and sound orthodontic principles.  Dr Siva shared his experience in utilising the latest techniques and technologies and encouraged participants to objectively assess what is available on the market.


Author for blogs is Sheldon:

I started my career in General Dentistry as a Dental Assistant before receiving a wonderful opportunity to work with this terrific organisation. I find Orthodontics to be really rewarding and feel I’m part of a life-changing experience for our patients, who receive the very best of orthodontic care with the latest technology. The joy on a child’s face when their braces come off is just amazing. I am currently working part-time as I am pursuing full-time tertiary studies and completing a Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy at Curtin University. I enjoy going on holidays with my family and friends.


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