our locations:

Orthodontics on St Quentin

Suite 9, 40 St Quentin Ave.
Claremont, WA 6010
p. (08) 9384 6855
f. (08) 9262 3587



Orthodontics on Berrigan

Suite 4, 234 Berrigan Drive
Jandakot. WA 6164
p. (08) 9414 1470
f. (08) 9262 3587



Orthodontics at Southbank

Suite 7, 38 Meadowvale Ave.
South Perth, WA 6151
p. (08) 9319 9815
f. (08) 9262 3587

e. info@smilewithconfidence.com.au
w. www.smilewithconfidence.com.au


Orthodontics on St Quentin, Orthodontics on Berrigan and Orthodontics at Southbank are specialist orthodontic practices located in Perth WA providing orthodontic treatment to children adolescents and adults.

Dr. Sivabalan Vasudavan is a Specialist Orthodontist and has completed advanced clinical and academic training at Harvard University, the University of Sydney, the University of Western Australia, Children’s Hospital Boston and Princess Margaret Hospital. Dr Siva is committed to offering exceptional care to his patients and welcomes you to his specialist practices.

Dr. Sivabalan Vasudavan of Orthodontics on Berrigan

We utilise  advanced diagnostic technologies and clinical treatment techniques in a relaxed and caring environment. Recognising that everyone is different, we strive to provide you with personalised care to suit your unique circumstances. We are pleased to offer our patients the latest treatment options including Suresmile, Incognito Hidden Braces, Invisalign, aesthetic clear braces, the Harmony lingual braces system and self-ligating brackets.

Your smile has the power to change the way you look and feel. We invite you to learn more about our practices and your orthodontic treatment options by exploring our website.